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    Overview of COVID-19 Isolation for K-12 Schools 

    CDC has updated isolation and quarantine recommendations for the public. These recommendations do not apply to healthcare personnel and do not supersede state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations. Read CDC’s media statement.


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    The latest update from the CDC on the Omicron Variant:

    Omicron Variant: What You Need to Know


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    To register: https://jewishfederationofgreaterroche.regfox.com/maimonides-event

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    NKF RRT Education


    Chronic Kidney Disease Associated with Type 2 Diabetes
    Thursday, November 11, 2021
    6:00pm - 7:15pm


    Register Now


    Don’t miss this engaging and educational program with one of the most experienced voices in medicine including a case study and discussion surrounding a new treatment indicated to reduce the risk of sustained eGFR decline, end-stage kidney disease, cardiovascular death, non-fatal
    myocardial infarction, and hospitalization for heart failure in adult patients with chronic kidney disease associated with Type 2 Diabetes.


    View our flyer for more details


    Leading our Event:

    Dr Rostogi

    Luis Alvarez, MD, PhD
    Chief of Nephrology at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Sutter Health

    Dr. Luis Alvarez, MD is a Nephrology Specialist in Palo Alto, CA and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in 1998. He is affiliated with Stanford Health Care and serves as Outset’s Chief Technology and Innovation Advisor and is the Chair of Nephrology at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Sutter Health. Following his doctoral work in biophysics, Dr. Alvarez worked in the pharmaceutical and device industries and remains committed to the application of industrial continuous quality improvement concepts to the field of nephrology, including transformation of the acute renal failure care model both in the intensive unit and sub-acute hospital settings.


    Renal Roundtable Sponsor 



       learn more

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    Here is the recording of the Increase Revenue from Past Due Success Webinar with Beyond Green Solutions:


    Here is the PDF of the powerpoint presentation:


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    This was the recording and powerpoint from the 10/20/21 8pm evening meeting with NYS AAP Chapters 1, 2 & 3. Please fast forward to 2:05 to skip the delay.


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    This would create another round of federal/state funding, through Medicaid waivers, that would encourage community based organizations to tackle individual and community health issues.

    NYSDOH submitted the following concept paper to CMS (Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services) to begin negotiations on the next phase of the DSRIP program.    


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    Don't Miss Out!  Apply Now for Phase 4 and ARP Rural Distributions

    • The application is now open for both Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Phase 4 and American Rescue Plan (ARP) Rural payments.
    • Apply via the Provider Relief Fund Application and Attestation Portal HRSA Exit Disclaimer
    • Review the Application Instructions Webpages
    • The application will close on October 26, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Applications must undergo a number of validation checks before financial information is submitted so providers are encouraged to begin their application as soon as possible to ensure they are able to meet the deadline. Information on the documents and information needed to apply can be found in the resources following.
    • In order to streamline the application process and minimize administrative burdens, providers will apply for both programs in a single application, and HRSA will use existing Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Medicare claims data in calculating portions of these payments.

    Application Resources

    * Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this file. For assistance, please contact PRBInformation@hrsa.gov.

    General Program Information

    Terms and Conditions

    COVID-19 Links

    1. Center for Disease Control

    2. NYS Department of Health

    3. Fingerlakes Vaccine Hub

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    Today in the United States, there are more than 113,000 men, women and children on an organ transplant waiting list. Nearly 9,000 are waiting in New York State, with almost 600 from our region alone. Someone is added to the national waiting list every ten minutes and, sadly, 20 people die each day before an organ becomes available. Thousands more are in need of cornea transplants to restore vision or donated tissue to heal wounds, reduce pain and/or improve mobility.

    One donor can help save the lives of up to 8 people through organ donation, provide sight to two people through cornea donation, and improve the lives of nearly 75 more through tissue donation.

    Why is it important to decide and talk about organ donation?

    Organ, eye and tissue donation is an end-of-life option that everyone should decide upon. Making your decision now about donation means your family won’t be burdened with having to make it for you later. It only takes a few minutes to enroll online in the New York State Donate Life Registry. Regardless of whether you chose to register as a donor or not, telling your family what your wishes are will give them peace of mind.


    • Anyone age 16 or older can enroll in the NYS Donate Life Registry at www.donatelife.ny.gov/register

    • There is no upper age limit to registering as an organ donor.

    • Don’t assume you aren’t healthy enough to donate. Health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, do not prohibit someone from registering as a donor.

    • Medical professionals and tests will determine what organs and tissues can be donated at the time of death.

    • The doctors and nurses involved in life-saving care are separate from the medical professionals who perform organ transplants.

    • Only authorized organ and tissue recovery specialists (not doctors or nurses in the hospital) have access to the confidential donor registries. A person’s registration status is only checked at the time of death.

    • Enrolling in the NYS Donate Life Registry is the best place to document your wishes regarding donation.

    • Tell your family what your wishes are regarding organ donation. Making your decision now means they won’t have to make it on your behalf later.

    • Major religions support an individual’s choice to be an organ donor.

    • Final burial wishes can be honored after donation.


    There are several ways to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry. Regardless of which method you choose, the information is sent to the state’s organ, eye and tissue donor registry database. Signing the back of your license is not enough to ensure your wishes are known.

    • Online: New York State residents can sign up to be organ, eye and tissue donors at www.donatelife.ny.gov. Registering only takes a few minutes.

    • DMV: Check the “New York State Organ and Tissue Donation” box when applying for, or renewing, a Learner’s Permit, Driver’s License or Non-Driver’s ID.

    • Voter Registration Form: Check the “New York State Organ and Tissue Donation” box on the voter registration form.

    • New York State of Health – Health Insurance Exchange: Residents applying for or renewing health insurance benefits through the state have the opportunity to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor.

    • Don’t reside in New York? Go to https://www.organdonor.gov/ to find out how to register as a donor in your state.

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