Workers' Comp Health Provider Registration is Now Open

Wednesday, January 03, 2018 9:21 AM | Deleted user

The Workers’ Compensation Board has initiated a registration process to update the list of health providers who are authorized to treat injured workers. 

As of December 19, 2017 over 6,000 authorized health providers have registered.

Authorized health providers are required to register by January 15, 2018. Health providers who have not registered by January 15, 2018 will:

  • be removed from the public directory of authorized providers, and
  • become ineligible for the Board’s disputed bill process.

The up-to-date list will ensure that an injured worker can easily identify Board authorized providers. 

How to Register

The Board will use the existing New York State Health Commerce System (HCS) for the registration process and future updates to your registration information. 

How to Access the Registration Form
1. Log in at
2. Select My Content > All Applications from the Main Menu.
3. Select P from Browse by list, and then add Person-based Electronic Response Data System (PERDS) to your application list by selecting + under the column add/remove.
4. On the top of the page, select Home.
5. On the home page, select Refresh My Applications List. 
If PERDS does not appear in My Applications List call (800)-781-2362, option 6.
6. Select PERDS on the My Applications list to open it. DO NOT click the information icon (i). 
7. Select the Data Entry tab located on the top left of page.
8. In the Activity field, select WCB Registration from the drop-down list.
9. The following default values will be shown:

Activity: WCB Registration
Form: WCB Registration for Health Care Provider
Data Entity Type: WCB Provider
Data Entity Name: Please Select Name

10. Select the Search WCB Provider button.

Search Entity (Validation of Information)
When you select the Search WCB Provider button, you are brought to the Search Entity page. On this page, please do the following:

  1. The field Entity Id must be left blank for your initial registration.
  2. Select the Profession from the drop-down list.
  3. Complete the License Number, Birth Month and Birth Day fields. 
  4. Select the Search button. 
  5. If your information is correct, an Entity Id is displayed below the blue Search Entity line. Keep this number for your records. It is not stored in the registration form.
  6. If the name that appears on the page is the same as it is on your license, click the Select button to proceed. If it is incorrect, select the Name Field Help icon for further assistance.
Complete the Registration Form
Complete your registration, be sure to click the Save All, Review & Submit and Submit to DOH buttons. This will ensure you are found on the public directory of authorized providers and remain eligible for the Board’s disputed medical bill process.

If you are registering multiple providers on their behalf, do not close the PERDS application after you register the first provider. For each subsequent provider: 
  1. Select the Home tab located at the top left of the page (next to the Data Entry tab). 
  2. Follow steps 7-10 in the How to Access the Registration Form section. 
  3. Follow steps 1-5 described above in the Search Entity (Validation of Information) section.
For instructions that include screen shots of the registration process, please email with the subject “Provider Registration Instructions”. 

If you have general questions regarding health care provider registration, please contact the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Director's Office at (800)-781-2362, option 6.
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