Grieving Families/ Wrongful Death Bill Update- Please Call!

Thursday, October 05, 2023 12:12 PM | Jennifer Casasanta (Administrator)

Good morning 7th District & MCMS Members:

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to discuss a crucial matter that requires our collective attention and immediate action.

As you are aware, the Wrongful Death Bill (aka “Grieving Families Act”) is currently under consideration, and its potential implications for our medical community are concerning. We are asking the Governor to veto this legislation (A.6698) because it would harm patient access to care in our communities by significantly increasing damages awardable in wrongful death actions. If signed into law, this could increase already exorbitantly high physician and hospital liability costs by over 40%. In order to effectively oppose this bill, we will need to join forces with MSSNY to greatly strengthen our efforts.

To that end, a comprehensive strategy, was created, that includes mobilizing our physicians to reach out to the Governor's office through phone calls. MSSNY has provided us with a well-crafted one-page talking points sheet for our physicians to utilize during their conversations (it is attached). This will ensure that you are equipped with the necessary information to express your concerns effectively.

Furthermore, a schedule was prepared that assigns specific days for each district to make their calls. This approach aims to maximize our impact by creating a coordinated and sustained effort across the state.

To fully leverage our partnership, we are asking all physicians, and practice leadership, within every county to actively participate in this advocacy campaign. When you make your calls, it would be immensely valuable if they could also inform the MCMS about the experience by emailing Joanne Rau at This feedback will enable us to gauge the overall response and make any necessary adjustments to our strategy.

In summary, here are the key action steps:

  • Make Calls: Physicians, and medical practice leadership, should call the Governor's office on their designated day – 7th District (MCMS) will begin on 10/17/2023 then on 11/7/2023. Call Schedule Here!
  • Utilize the one-page talking points sheet during the conversation. Talking Points Sheet Here!
  • Document your experience and share with your 7th District Leadership: Lucia Castillejo at or Joanne Rau at

By working together, we can make a substantial impact on this issue and protect the interests of our medical community. MSSNY Leadership is incredibly appreciative for our help in this crucial endeavor.

Thank you for your attention and your commitment to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our physicians and patients alike.

Be Well,

Lucia Castillejo, MS

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Monroe County Medical Society

200 Canal View Blvd. – Suite 202

Rochester, NY 14623

Office: 585-473-7573

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