Quality Collaborative Resources

ADHD in Children and Adolescents

ADHD Guideline - 2017 Update - Complete Packet

Purpose and Key Points

Assessment Algorithm

Treatment Algorithm


DSM 5 Criteria

ADHD Resources for Physicians

Resources for Patients, National Measures, High Risk Populations, Disparities

ADHD References

Adult Preventive Care

Adult Preventive Care - 2017 Complete Packet

Purpose and Key Message

Health Promotion Services Chart

National Organization Measures & High Risk Populations/Disparities

Health Maintenance Checklist for Healthy Women 19 years and Older

Health Maintenance Checklist for Healthy Men 19 Years and Older

Resources for Physicians


Recommended Testing Sequence for Identifying Current HCV Infection

Resources for Patients

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Management of Asthma in Children & Adults - 2017 Update (complete packet)

Key Recommendations - 2016

Commonly Used National Organization Measures - 2016

Physician and Patient Resources - 2016

References - 2016

NYS DOH Asthma Booklet July 2017

Back Pain (Low - Acute/Subacute)

Acute-Subacute Low Back Pain Guideline (2016 Review)

Purpose and Key Recommendations

Treatment Chart

National Organization Measures and References

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Coronary Artery Disease
Coronary Artery Disease - 2018 Update Complete Packet
Purpose and Recommendation
Diagnosis of Patients with Suspected Coronary Artery Disease

High Risk Populations, National Quality Measures

Lipid Management, Risk Intervention

Patient Tracking Tool for Secondary CVD

Prevention and Diagnosis

- Physician and Patient Resources


Diabetes Care (Adult)

Adult Diabetes Care 2017 Update Complete Packet

Purpose and Key Recommendations

Examination and Test Chart

Diabetes Mellitus Flow Chart 2017

Diabetes Physician and Patient Resources 2017 
Diabetes Footnotes and References 2017
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Heart Failure

Heart Failure Guideline 2016 ENTIRE PACKET

Classification of Heart Failure

Evaluation and Treatment for Heart Failure Patients

Pharmacokinetics of the Loop Diruetics

Strategies for Inpatient Care


MCMS Community-wide Guideline for Management of Hypertension (COMPLETE PACKET) - 2014

- Lifestyle Modifications

- Strategies to Dose Antihypertensive Drugs

- Treatment Algorithm

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Lung Cancer Screening
Lung Cancer Screening - COMPLETE PACKAGE 2018

Printable Screening Handout for Patient Waiting Rooms (2 per sheet)

Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder - Complete Package

Key Points, Quality Measures

Assessment and Identification 
Treatment - Remission is the Goal of Treatment

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)

PHQ-9 Scoring Card for Severity Determination

A Selection of Medical Conditions That May Mimic MDD

Manic and Hypomanic Episodes

Antidepressant Medications

Antidepressant Management Tips

MAOI Diet and Medication Restrictions

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Pediatric Preventive Care

Preventive Services for Children to Age 19 (FULL PACKET)

Purpose and Key Recommendations

Counseling Chart

Preventive Services Charts

Prediabetes Care

Prediabetes Care Guideline - 2016 Update FULL PACKET

Prediabetes Key Recommendations - 2016

Identification and Intervention Flowchart - 2016

Resources for Physicians and Patients - 2016

Prediabetes Care Guideline References - 2016

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Prenatal Care

Routine Prenatal Care Guideline - 2017 Update

Pulmonary Nodules

F/U & Mgmt of Indeterminate Lung Nodules Detected Incidentally on Nonscreening CT - 2018

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Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Disease 2017_Complete Guideline.pdf

Purpose_Key Recommendations_High Risk.pdf

Identification_Key Points.pdf

Treatment Algorithm_Subclinical Hypothyroidism.pdf

Thyroid Nodule Evaluation.pdf

Summary of Natl Org Recommendations.pdf

Patient Resources.pdf


Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence 2018

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Tube Feeding/PEG Placement
MCMS Community-wide Guideline for Tube Feeding/PEG Placement (COMPLETE PACKET) - 2017
Benefits_Burdens Chart.pdf
Legal and Ethical Issues.pdf
Chart_Unable to Maintain Nutrition Approach.pdf
Flow Chart Reference Sheet.pdf
Key Recommendations.pdf
Tube Feeding_PEG Placement Guide.pdf
Physician Resources.pdf
Patient Resources_English version.pdf
Patient Resources_Spanish version.pdf
Help for Decision on Tube Feed_PEG_Spanish.pdf
Goals For Care_English version.pdf

Vitamin D Screening Recommendations
    Vitamin D Screening Recommendations 2018

    Comment to be included with the results of Vitamin D testing

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