The Monroe County Medical Society wishes to thank our physician membership for their dedication and support which enables the Society to carry out its mission in the Rochester area community.
Satish Acharya MD, AnesthesiologyMark J. Adams MD, Radiology
Thomas R. Adler MD, Allergy & ImmunologyWilliam A. Africano MD, Surgery
Galaa M. Agban MD, Plastic SurgeryKarori M. Aggarwal MRCP, Internal Medicine
Robert J. Agostinelli MD, Internal MedicineAitezaz U. Ahmed MD, Rheumatology
Emmanuel S. Akowuah MD, Internal MedicineVythilingam Alagappan MD, Internal Medicine
Darrick J. Alaimo MD, NeurologyCharles H. Albrecht MD, Radiation Oncology
William B. Alexander Jr , Medical StudentJulian Alexander MD, Occupational Medicine
Leslie F. Algase MD, Internal MedicineJeffrey R. Allen MD, Internal Medicine
Willis D. Allen MD, General PracticeR Douglas Alling MD, Internal Medicine
Tresa L Almy-Albert MD, PediatricsClifford J. Ameduri MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Travis M Amengual , Medical StudentMargaret M Ameyaw MD, Internal Medicine
Marvin S. Amstey MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyCorrie P Anderson DO, Obstetrics & Gynecology
John R. Andolina MD, Internal MedicineCarl H. Andrus MD, Surgery
Cynthia Angel MD, Gynecologic OncologyDarushe Anissi MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Spencer P. Annabel MD, Internal MedicineAngelita G. Anson-Fontana MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
George W. Anstadt MD, Occupational MedicineJames V. Aquavella MD, Ophthalmology
Asad Arastu , Medical StudentMario A. Argentieri MD, Internal Medicine
Mary Christine Arigo MD, PediatricsThomas J. Arnone DO, Family Practice
Eduardo E. Arreaza MD, Allergy & ImmunologyElizabeth A. Arthur MD, Dermatology
Robert F. Asbury MD, HematologyP Miller Ashman MD, Urology
Patrick Asselin , Medical StudentBarbara Asselin MD, Pediatrics
Dennis A. Asselin MD, OphthalmologyMeri Atanas MD, Radiation Oncology
Sarah D. Atkinson MD, PsychiatryMarshall E. Atwell MD, Internal Medicine
Karl Auerbach MD, Occupational MedicineMarie Aydelotte MD, Internal Medicine
Brian Ayers , Medical StudentHaris Aziz MD, Internal Medicine
James C. Azurin MD, NeurologyJillian J Babu MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Martine S. Backenstoss MD, Nuclear MedicineRobert S. Bakos MD, Neurological Surgery
Malur R. Balaji MBBS, Vascular SurgeryConrado T. Banez MD, Internal Medicine
Nitin S. Banwar MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryDonald Banzhaf MD, Psychiatry
Brenda B Baratta MD, Internal MedicineAnthony V. Baratta Jr MD, Gastroenterology
Lon K. Baratz MD, Internal MedicineTed D. Barnett MD, Radiology
David J. Barry MD, PsychiatryAngela Barskaya MD, Emergency Medicine
David J. Batt MD, Internal MedicineMyriam F. Bauer MD, Pediatrics
William Bayer MD, Family PracticeHoward R. Beemer MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Mark H Belfer DO, Family PracticeDerek E. Bell MD, Plastic Surgery
Michael J. Beltejar , Medical StudentDouglas Bennett MD, Pediatrics
Jane S. Bennett MD, Diagnostic RadiologyJohn M. Bennett MD, Oncology
Nancy M. Bennett MD, Public Health & General Preventive MedicineJoseph P. Berley MD, Occupational Medicine
Marc N. Berliant MD, Internal MedicineDirk M. Bernold MD, Hematology
David N Bernstein , Medical StudentGary C. Bessette MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Jeroo K. Bharucha MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyAmbat G. Bhaskar MD, Pathology
Rohini Bhatia , Medical StudentDonald W. Bidwell MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Eric J Bieber MD, Reproductive EndocrinologyKathy A. Birk MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Eric A. Birken MD, OtolaryngologyJohn D Bisognano MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Robert E. Blackburn MD, Family PracticeE Allen Blair MD, Internal Medicine
David K. Blank , Medical StudentRichard A. Bloom MD, Pediatrics
Michael B. Bobrow MD, DermatologyA Kirk Bodary MD, Anesthesiology
Sandra J Boehlert MD, Internal MedicineAngel N. Boev MD, Neurological Surgery
Patricia A. Bomba MD, AdministrativeRobert C. Boon MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Laura J. Booth MD, Family PracticeChristine Borghi-Cavallaro MD, Family Practice
Agneta D. Borgstedt MD, PediatricsRonald P Bossert MD, Plastic Surgery
Rossini C. Botev MD, NephrologyRoger J. Boulay MD, Internal Medicine
James R. Boynton MD, OphthalmologyWerner K. Brammer MD, Family Practice
Namara Brede , Medical StudentSuzanne Brendze MD, Family Practice
David N. Broadbent MD, PediatricsJames D. Brodell Jr , Medical Student
Jonathan D. Broder MD, Diagnostic RadiologyRobert D. Bronstein MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Walter S. Brooks MD, DermatologyMark A Brown MD, Family Practice
Marc D. Brown MD, DermatologyMarilyn R. Brown MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Melissa I. Brown MD, Family PracticeLauren B Bruckner PhD MD, Pediatric Hematology Oncology
Charles L. Bruehl MD, PediatricsGretchen S. Burke MD, Pediatrics
Laureen A. Burke MD, GynecologyDavid E. Burns Jr MD, Surgery
Richard I. Burton MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryMelanie M. Butler MD, Urology
Cenie C. Cafarelli MD, PediatricsDiego Cahn-Hidalgo MD, Internal Medicine
Robert A Caifano MD, Internal MedicineRussell M. Cain MD, Psychiatry
Robert L. Caldwell MD, SurgeryChristopher B. Caldwell MD, Surgery
Elethea H. Caldwell MD, Plastic SurgeryAndrew L Call MD, Family Practice
Carl H. Cameron MD, Internal MedicineTimothy Campbell , Medical Student
Leon J. Canapary MD, PsychiatryJose R Canario MD, Family Practice
Jeffrey S Cane MD, Thoracic SurgeryJohn M. Cannon MD, Urology
Robert Capecci MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryPeter N. Capicotto MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Thomas V. Caprio MD, Internal MedicineRobert A Carlson MD, Pathology
Gregory G. Carnevale MD, OtolaryngologyDavid A. Carrier MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Robert H. Carrier MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryKevin Casey MD, Gastroenterology
Thomas H. Casey MD, GastroenterologyJanet R. Casey MD, Pediatrics
Roger M. Cass MD, RheumatologyFrank C. Cegelski MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
John F. Centonze MD, OtolaryngologyFrank J. Chafel MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
M C Derek Chan MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyVincent D. Chang MD, Surgery
Meera Chaudhuri MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyDinesh K. Chawla MD, Ophthalmology
Mary G. Cheeran MD, AnesthesiologyDavid C. Cheeran MD, Thoracic Surgery
Luke B. Chen MD, PediatricsYuhchyau Chen MD, Radiation Oncology
Vaseem U Chengazi MD, Nuclear MedicineRichard C. Cherkis MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Donald Cherr MD, OphthalmologyLawrence N. Chessin MD, Infectious Diseases
William Y. Chey MD, GastroenterologyAri D Chodos MD, Gastroenterology
Marci J. Chodroff MD, Internal MedicineWajid Choudhry MD, Nephrology
Lane M. Christ MD, Internal MedicineJose G. Christiano Neto MD, Plastic Surgery
Christine M. Chruscicki MD, PsychiatryNancy A. Ciavarri MD, Family Practice
Nicole Cifra MD, PediatricsEugene A. Cimino MD, Ophthalmology
Mary Ciranni-Callon DO, Obstetrics & GynecologyShirley J. Cirillo MD, Neurology
William A. Ciszewski MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryLinda Clark MD, Occupational Medicine
Carolyn T. Cleary MD, PediatricsRita Clement MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mary L. Coan MD, Family PracticeStephen H. Cohen MD, Internal Medicine
Mark Cohen MD, Internal MedicineHristo N Colakovski MD, Internal Medicine
Harry M. Cole MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryRobert E. Cole MD, Administration
John W. Colgan MD, RadiologyA Byron Collins MD, Surgery
Craig J Collins MD, Colon & Rectal SurgeryMichael S. Collins MD, Internal Medicine
Lisa L. Colton MD, PediatricsMichael A. Colucci MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
John J. Condemi MD, Allergy & ImmunologyPatrick J. Condry MD, Dermatology
John U. Coniglio MD, OtolaryngologyCharlene V. Conners MD, Internal Medicine
Brian P Connolly MD, OphthalmologyRichard S. Constantino MD, Internal Medicine
Joanne P. Cordaro MD, PediatricsDaniel Corning , Medical Student
Bruce F. Corsello MD, Allergy & ImmunologyRobert M. Corwin MD, Pediatrics
William W. Cotanch MD, Neurological SurgeryCharles Courtsal MD, Internal Medicine
John F. Cox MD, Internal MedicineConnor Craig , Medical Student
Curtis J. Cranmer MD, Family PracticeCheri R Cranston MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Clarene J. Cress MD, PediatricsJimena Cubillos MD, Pediatric Urology
Diane M. Cunningham MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyAlan E. Curle MD, Anesthesiology
Jeremy T Cushman MD, Emergency MedicineGina Cuyler MD, Internal Medicine
Alberto Lopes DaConceicao MD, Radiation OncologyAla Dahhan MD, Nephrology
Edith L. Dale MD, Internal MedicineLaurel A. Dallmeyer MD, Family Practice
Taylor DAmore , Medical StudentJohn J. DAmore MD, Family Practice
Kimberly J. DAmore MD, Plastic SurgerySusan A. Danahy MD, Radiology
Christopher T. DAngelo MD, Internal MedicineRichard M. Darling MD, Pediatrics
Tulsi Dass MD, SurgeryMark S. Davenport MD, Plastic Surgery
Kenneth H. Davidson MD, Cardiovascular DiseaseMatthew G. Davis MD, Family Practice
Roderick G. Davis MD, PediatricsMuhammad Dawood MD, Psychiatry
William H. Dean Jr MD, PathologyIan A. DeAndrea-Lazarus , Medical Student
Peter M. Deane MD, Allergy & ImmunologyH George Decancq Jr MD, Pediatrics
Michael J. DeCicco MD, OtolaryngologyKenneth E. DeHaven MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Mary Andrea S. Dela Torre MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRichard J. DellaPorta MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Jeanne L. DelSignore MD, Hand SurgeryJohn C. DeMocker MD, Radiology
Zsolt G. dePapp MD, EndocrinologyStamatia V. Destounis MD, Radiology
David P. Dever MD, UrologySurinder S. Devgun MD, Gastroenterology
Joseph Di Poala Sr MD, Internal MedicineJoseph A. Di Poala Jr MD, Internal Medicine
Anthony T. DiBenedetto MD, SurgeryAlyse DiCenzo MD, Ophthalmology
Robert C. Dickerson MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryJohn C Dickinson MD, Family Practice
James E. Dickson II MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyAnthony P DiGiovanni MD, Psychiatry
Paul L. DiMarco MD, UrologyTamara E. DiNolfo MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Michael R. DiSalle MD, Internal MedicineDominic P. DiVincenzo MD, General Practice
T Jeffrey Dmochowski MD, Colon & Rectal SurgeryMichael E. Dobmeier MD, Internal Medicine
Jane K. Doeblin MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyWilliam A. Dolan MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Jeannine L. Dolan MD, Family PracticeBastian Domajnko MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery
Mary L. Dombovy MD, NeurologyDavid A. Dombroski MD, Radiology
Jacob Dominik MD, Sleep MedicineLaurence A. Donahue MD, Urology
Laurie Donohue MD, Family PracticePatrick Donohue MD, Internal Medicine
Joseph W. Dooley MD, AnesthesiologySibert R. Douglas MD, Internal Medicine
Sara Dovichi MD, PediatricsBahram Dowlatshahi MD, Internal Medicine
Eric M. Dreyfuss MD, Allergy & ImmunologyPeter F. DSilva MD, Surgery
Joseph R. Duba MD, Family PracticeDonald M. Duckles MD, Surgery
Gary L. Dudek MD, Pulmonary DiseasesErin E. Duecy MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Nana Duffy MD, DermatologyKaren M. Duguid MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ghinwa Dumyati MD, Infectious DiseasesMichael G. Dunn MD, Neurology
Valerie R. Dunn MD, SurgeryJames A. Durfee MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Frederick Dushay MD, OphthalmologyPaul O. Dutcher MD, Otolaryngology
Stephen Dvorin MD, PsychiatryWendy M. Dwyer-Albano MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Marguerite Dynski MD, SurgeryJoseph N. Dytoc MD, Gastroenterology
Paul S. Dziwis MD, GastroenterologySandra J. Eckhert MD, Internal Medicine
Arthur V. Edelstein MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyDianne M. Edgar MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sheryl M. Ehrmentraut-Gillis MD, Family PracticeLouis H. Eichel MD, Urology
Marc H. Eigg MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJohn A. Ejaife MD, Surgery
Nayef El-Daher MD, Infectious DiseasesSahar E. Elezabi MD, Psychiatry
Robert W. Emmens MD, SurgeryErdal Erturk MD, Urology
Anoinette Esce , Medical StudentStephen E. Ettinghausen MD, Surgery
Stephen M. Evangelisti MD, Plastic SurgeryRyan Evans MD, Neurology
Michael D. Falkoff MD, Cardiovascular DiseaseAsim Farid MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery
Alinaghi Farrokh MD, Internal MedicineVincent J. Fasanello MD, Psychiatry
Margot L. Fass MD, PsychiatryRichard J Fastiggi MD, Gastroenterology
Bushra G. Fazili MD, GastroenterologyMichael J. Feinstein MD, Urology
Steven E. Feldon MD, OphthalmologyBarry J. Fenton MD, Internal Medicine
Sara Ferri MD, OphthalmologyJames V. Fetten MD, Oncology
Jeffrey R. Fichter MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyPaul H. Fine MD, Internal Medicine
Jeffrey A. Fink MD, Hand SurgeryGregory S. Finkbeiner MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Kevin Fiscella MD, Family PracticePatricia G. Fitzpatrick MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Daniel J. Flaherty DO, Family PracticeMatthew J. Fleig MD, Family Practice
Adolph S. Flemister MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryJoan Flender MD, Pediatrics
Janine L. Fogarty MD, Diagnostic RadiologyTheodore G. Ford Jr MD, Anesthesiology
William B. Forsyth MD, PediatricsMichael E. Foster MD, Family Practice
James W. Fox MD, OphthalmologyAnne B. Francis MD, Pediatrics
Elmar H. Frangenberg MD, PediatricsIrwin N. Frank MD, Urology
Marie N. Frankel MD, Plastic SurgeryBridget A. Fraser MBCh, Anesthesiology
Edwin N. Freeman MD, PsychiatryBarbara B. Frelinger MD, Pediatrics
Jennifer M Frese MD, Internal MedicineDavid R. Fries MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Edward D. Fugo MD, SurgeryRichard E. Fullerton MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Joseph Fullone MD, AnesthesiologySusan L Fulmer MD, Otolaryngology
Matthew Funderburk MD, Cardiovascular DiseaseJonathan C. Gabel MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Donald J. Gabel MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyGerald M. Gacioch MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Nancy A. Gadziala MD, RadiologyRichard G. Gagnier MD, Internal Medicine
Carol A. Gagnon MD, PediatricsAshanthi Gajaweera MD, Neurology
Christopher R. Galbreath DO, PsychiatryDavid L. Gandell MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alok D. Gandhi DO, Bariatric SurgeryChristopher P. Gange, Jr MD, Radiology
Richard J. Gangemi MD, Internal MedicineHolly R. Garber MD, Internal Medicine
Sonia I. Garcia MD, PediatricsSarla Garg MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Hari P. Garg MBBS, NephrologyJennifer Gargano MD, Pain Medicine
John J. Garneau Jr MD, Internal MedicineDiana E. Garneau MD, Anesthesiology
Vladimir Gaspar MD, Family PracticeJoseph Gasparino MD, Internal Medicine
Kevin J. Geary MD, Vascular SurgeryJohn L. Genier MD, Internal Medicine
David P. Gentile MD, UrologyRobert W. George MD, Surgery
Barbara A. Gertzog MD, Emergency MedicineMark L. Gestring MD, Trauma Surgery
Ahmed Ghazi MD, UrologyThomas E. Gift MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Laura E. Gift MD, Family PracticeElaine Gilmore MD, Dermatology
Martin B. Gingras MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryGerald S. Ginsberg MD, Endocrinology
Brian D Giordano MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryWarren Glaser MD, Internal Medicine
Gary Glazer MD, Internal MedicineJerome Glazer MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Peter G. Gleason MD, RadiologyLesley Z. Glowinsky MD, Pediatrics
James P. Goetz MD, PediatricsKipling B. Goh MD, Internal Medicine
Michael M. Goldberg MD, OphthalmologyRachel Goldberg MD, Pediatrics
Mark H. Goldgeier MD, DermatologyDonald Y. Goldman MD, Internal Medicine
Jonathan I. Goldstein MD, GastroenterologyDavid J. Goldstein MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Hayden R. Goltz DO, Internal MedicineManuel Gonzalez MD, Anesthesiology
Catherine A. Goodfellow MD, PediatricsAndrew N. Goodfriend MD, Ophthalmology
Amanda R. Gorman MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyWilliam F. Grace MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Justin W. Graf , Medical StudentChris J. Grammar MD, Anesthesiology
Michael J. Graney MD, Colon & Rectal SurgeryEdith G. Grannum MD, Family Practice
Michael D. Green MD, PediatricsDonald W. Greenblatt MD, Sleep Medicine
Marc S. Greenstein DO, Obstetrics & GynecologyGaylinn M Greenwood MD, Family Practice
Ann E Z. Griepp MD, PsychiatryJennifer Griffith MD, Surgery
Robert C. Griggs MD, NeurologyDavid C. Grimm MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Jeanne E. Grove DO, Obstetrics & GynecologyDonald A. Grover MD, Ophthalmology
Alan H. Gruber MD, OphthalmologyGerald W. Grumet MD, Psychiatry
Harold F. Grunert Jr MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyGerard T. Guerinot MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lorie A. Gulino MD, RadiologyAtul K. Gupta MD, Diagnostic Radiology
William P. Guthinger MD, UrologyAnn L. Haag MD, Internal Medicine
P William Haake MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryGary W. Haber MD, Pain Medicine
Hossein Hadian MD, AnesthesiologyJonathan Hager MD, Internal Medicine
Cecil J. Haggerty MD, OphthalmologyCathy J. Hahn MD, Pediatrics
James M. Haley MD, Internal MedicineEdward F. Hall MD, Ophthalmology
John S. Halpenny MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryDavid L. Hamilton MD, Gastroenterology
Stuart P. Hanau MD, AnesthesiologyRichard J. Hanratty MD, Family Practice
Omar E. Hanuch MD, OphthalmologyMavidi K. Hariprasad MD, Internal Medicine
Albert S. Hartel MD, Allergy & ImmunologyPaul J. Hartman MD, Ophthalmology
William J. Harvey MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRosalind A. Hayes MD, Reproductive Endocrinology
Robert B. Hayes MD, Family PracticeCharles C. Heck MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Wade Hedegard MD, Diagnostic RadiologyDebbie L. Heit MD, Family Practice
Arthur S. Hengerer MD, OtolaryngologyWilliam A. Henion MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Monica J. Henoch MD, PediatricsBrian Heppard MD, Geriatric Medicine
Basya Herbert MD, Family PracticeMichael T. Herbowy MD, Internal Medicine
H Raul Herrera MD, Plastic SurgeryRickey Herrmann MD, Family Practice
Michelle Montoney Herron MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyHenry M. Hess MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ruth E. Hetland MD, SurgeryTheodore I. Hirokawa MD, Surgery
Michael G. Hirsh MD, PediatricsSarah E Hodges MD, Pediatrics
Christopher H. Hodgman MD, PsychiatryWilliam J. Hoeger MD, Pediatrics
Marvin J. Hoffman MD, Internal MedicineKenneth A. Hogrefe MD, Ophthalmology
Allison L. Holm MD, DermatologyGerald R. Holzwasser MD, Radiology
Gerald W. Honch MD, NeurologyTahmtan Hormozdyaran MD, Internal Medicine
Robert E. Horn MD, PsychiatryJames J. Horohoe MD, Internal Medicine
Gary J. Horwitz MD, PsychiatryRory P Houghtalen MD, Psychiatry
Daniel B. Hovey MD, Internal MedicineSteven J. Howard MD, Internal Medicine
Mariesa Howe MD, Family PracticeJacquelyn C. Howitt MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Richard K Hoy MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryClaudia Hriesik MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery
Joseph J. Hsu MD, GastroenterologyEleanor Humphrey MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Shirley D. Hunter MB,B, AnesthesiologyClifford Hurley DO, Family Practice
Musheer Hussain MD, SurgerySungjun J. Hwang MD, Ophthalmology
Benjamin M. Hyers , Medical StudentPasquale Iannoli MD, Surgery
Stephen M. Ignaczak MD, OncologyYana V. Ignatovich MD, Dermatology
Joseph A. Infantino MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyEric F. Ingerowski MD, Pediatrics
Reginald E. Ishman MD, OphthalmologyM Saleem Ismail MD, Geriatric Psychiatry
Robert H. Israel MD, Sleep MedicineRadha R. Iyer MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Dewey Jackson MD, Internal MedicineNadette B. Jacob MD, Family Practice
Michael L. Jacobs MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyMark S. Jacobson MD, Ophthalmology
Clifford Jacobson MD, PsychiatryEdith Jaffe MD, Internal Medicine
Jaswant Jain MD, Internal MedicineVijay K. Jain MD, Nephrology
Muhammad Jalaluddin MD, NeurosurgeryRichard R. Jamison MD, Ophthalmology
Michele A. Jamison MD, OphthalmologyRobert L. Jamison MD, Anesthesiology
Haldipur V. Janardhan MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJoyce A. Janus MD, Radiology
Elaine M. Jaworski , Medical StudentJoseph A. Johnson MD, Surgery
Wallace E. Johnson MD, Internal MedicineDouglas E. Johnstone MD, Allergy & Immunology
Cynthia L Jones MD, Family PracticeDouglas H. Jones MD, Allergy & Immunology
Jeffrey A. Jones MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryCarolyn E. Jones MD, Thoracic Surgery
Jean V. Joseph MD, UrologyStephen R. Judge MD, Internal Medicine
Milind Kacharo MD, SurgeryMichael E. Kader MD, Gastroenterology
Vishnu Kadiyala , Medical StudentFrederick A. Kaempffe MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Samantha Kamp MD, Plastic SurgeryDiane Kane MD, Geriatric Medicine
Shelly M Kane MD, Internal MedicineMichael J Kantor MD, Pediatrics
Elliot Kaplan MD, PediatricsSuzanne Karan MD, Anesthesiology
Nicholas J Karis MD, Thoracic SurgerySuri Karthikeyan MD, Gastroenterology
Kenneth R. Katz MD, PediatricsLester D. Katzel MD, Pediatrics
Burton J. Kay MD, PediatricsSrinivas R. Kaza MD, Otolaryngology
Michael Kelly , Medical StudentGary C. Kent MD, Anesthesiology
William A. Kern Jr MD, Internal MedicineJack D. Kerns MD, Occupational Medicine
Judith E. Kerpelman MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRobert M. Kerper MD, Internal Medicine
Jamie E. Kerr MD, AdministrationWalayat Khan MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Larisa Khishchenko MD, Internal MedicineSheharyar S. Khokhar MD, Nephrology
San S. Kim MD, RadiologyHwaok Kim MD, Internal Medicine
Kellin A. King MD, Internal MedicineRonald L. Kirshner MD, Thoracic Surgery
Jane L. Kjoller MD, Internal MedicineBruce P. Klein MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Suzanne W. Klein MD, PediatricsJessica Kleinberg MD, Pediatrics
Jessica Kleiner MD, OncologyAnatole Kleiner MD, Allergy & Immunology
Martin S. Kleinman MD, GastroenterologyJohn E. Klibanoff MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Mark A. Klier MD, PediatricsWaldemar Klimek DO, Obstetrics & Gynecology
David N. Kluge MD, SurgeryPeter A. Knight MD, Thoracic Surgery
Clint J. Koenig MD, Family PracticeWilliam J. Koenig MD, Plastic Surgery
Erik P Kohler MD, NeurosurgeryDavid W. Kopp MD, Internal Medicine
Laura K. Kopp MD, PediatricsDaniel J. Koretz MD, Internal Medicine
Martin W. Korn MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryRobert N. Kornfield MD, Gastroenterology
Victoria F. Korth MD, PsychiatryHarlan Kosson MD, Psychiatry
Tarun Kothari MD, GastroenterologyTruptesh H Kothari MD, Gastroenterology
Roman M. Kowalchuk PhD MD, Diagnostic RadiologyKevin L. Kozara DO, Otolaryngology
Jared H. Krackov MD, Internal MedicineJudith A. Kramer MD, Internal Medicine
Pebble M Kranz MD, Family PracticeMichael S. Krasner MD, Internal Medicine
Melissa A Kreso MD, AnesthesiologyJacob Krieger MD, Anesthesiology
Peter A. Kringstein MD, Cardiovascular DiseaseShylasree Krishnan MD, Internal Medicine
Mariola B. Kubicka MD, Allergy & ImmunologyMichael A. Kukfa MD, Internal Medicine
Bernard B. Kumetat MD, Child & Adolescent PsychiatryGurdeep S Kundlas MD, Family Practice
Werner Kunz MD, Internal MedicineWilfried Kunze MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
George Y. Kunze MD, GastroenterologyAlexander Kurchin MD, Surgery
Joseph F. Kurnath MD, Internal MedicineKatherine S. Lammers MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Joseph J. Lancia DO, PsychiatryMatthew J Landfried MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Frank A. Langelotti MD, Family PracticeHoward N. Langstein MD, Plastic Surgery
Howard Lanney , Medical StudentRaymond J. Lanzafame MD, Surgery
Rahul Laroia MD, Obstetrics & GynecologySteven D. Lasser MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Ryan J. Latulipe , Medical StudentTimothy L. Lawrence MD, Psychiatry
Michael E. Lebowitz MD, RadiologyMarvin Lederman MD, Surgery
David S. Lederman MD, Internal MedicineYule Lee MD, Public Health & General Preventive Medicine
Anthony J. Leone Jr MD, Diagnostic RadiologyHobart A. Lerner MD, Ophthalmology
Beth H. Lertzman MD, DermatologyHarold Lesser MD, Neurology
Thomas G. Letourneau MD, PsychiatryAustin R. Leve MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Pamela A. Leve MD, DermatologyJeffrey Levinn MD, Pediatrics
Alena Levit MD, Diagnostic RadiologyRichard A. Lewis MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Edward D. Lewis MD, PediatricsGregory D. Lewish MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Emanuel Y. Li MD, Family PracticeJeffrey A. Liberman DO, Internal Medicine
Alcina Lidder , Medical StudentKenneth J. Lindahl MD, Ophthalmology
Mitchell A. Linder MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRobert Little Jr MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Amanda R. Lloyd MD, PediatricsJonathan Logan MD, Allergy & Immunology
Norman R. Loomis MD, Family PracticeJoseph A. Lorenzetti MD, Family Practice
Robert J. Lorenzetti MD, RadiologyJ Paul Lortie MD, Surgery
Lesley C. Loss MD, DermatologyAlice Loveys MD, Pediatrics
Halina Luczynska-Stolarczyk MD, Internal MedicineJennifer Luong , Medical Student
Martin Lustick MD, AdministrationTherese G. Lynch MDCM, Anesthesiology
Bruce W. Mac Kellar MD, Family PracticeElizabeth S. Machiele MD, Pediatrics
Manish K. Madan MD, GastroenterologyRussell P. Maggio MD, Internal Medicine
Jinno A. Magno , Medical StudentThomas L. Mahoney MD, Internal Medicine
John M. Manfred MD, Occupational MedicineShwetha Manjunath , Medical Student
Joseph I. Mann MD, NeurologyMurray Manson MD, Anesthesiology
Eufemia J A. Mariano MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJoseph M. Marino MD, Internal Medicine
Charles H. Marino MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJames B. Mark MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Tiffany E Mark , Medical StudentJohn D. Markman MD, Neurology
Gary D. Markowitz MD, Pediatric OphthalmologyHovaness H. Maronian MD, Surgery
Verne M. Marshall MD, SurgerySteven M. Marsocci MD, Pediatrics
Michael G. Martin MD, PediatricsRobert E. Martin MD, Dermatology
Nilsa M. Martinez MD, Family PracticeJames M. Mason MD, Internal Medicine
Gule-Rana Masood MD, Internal MedicineAnwer U. Masood MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Syed Siraj Masood MD, PediatricsTheckedath M. Mathew MD, Cardiovascular Disease
P K. Mathew MBBS, Cardiovascular DiseaseArnold H. Matlin MD, Pediatrics
Jubin Matloubieh , Medical StudentManuel Matos MD, Hospitalist
William E. Mattey MD, RadiologyJames T. Maxwell MD, Neurological Surgery
Raymond J. Mayewski MD, Internal MedicineRobert R. Mayo MD, Nephrology
Michael A. Mazza MD, Family PracticeJohn F. McCabe MD, Internal Medicine
Robert M McCann MD, Geriatric MedicineJoyce M. McChesney MD, Anesthesiology
Fred McCrumb MD, AnesthesiologyRobert W. McDonald MD, Family Practice
Joseph V. McDonald MD, Neurological SurgeryThomas K. McInerny MD, Pediatrics
John S. McIntyre MD, PsychiatryNancy E. McKnight MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Thomas O. McMeekin MD, DermatologyChristie McMorrow MD, Neurological Surgery
Neal A. McNabb MD, PediatricsMaureen D. McRae MD, Family Practice
Robert C. McVeigh MD, Internal MedicinePhilip S. Meaker MD, Internal Medicine
Lori E. Medeiros MD, SurgeryAnkit Medhekar , Medical Student
Louis H. Medved MD, NeurologyRajendra Mehta MD, Internal Medicine
Jagat S. Mehta MD, Internal MedicineStephen Meloni MD, Internal Medicine
Michael Mendoza MD, Family PracticeRene B. Menguy MD, Surgery
Howard D. Merzel MD, GastroenterologyJoseph A. Messina MD, Psychiatry
Edward M. Messing MD, UrologyRobert W. Meyer MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Donna D. Meyer MD, PediatricsSteven P. Meyers MD, Neuroradiology
Clifford W. Meyers MD, NeurologyKarl B Michalko MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Charles H. Michalko MD, GastroenterologyD Sewall Miller Jr MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Susan G. Miller MD, PediatricsShoshanna A Miller MD, Public Health & General Preventive Medicine
Richard J. Miller MD, Hand SurgeryMichael T. Miller MD, Radiology
Bruce R. Mills MD, Family PracticeR Edward Miner MD, Internal Medicine
Bernedette P. Minnella MD, Internal MedicineMichael R. Mirwald MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mohammad H. Mirza MD, Internal MedicineSean P. Mogan MD, Ophthalmology
Liberatore P. Monaco MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryAhmad Monajati MD, Radiology
Laurence S. Monga MBBS, SurgeryWilliam J. Montesano Jr MD, Family Practice
David S. Moorthi MD, Pain MedicineWilliam R Morehouse MD, Family Practice
Charles W. Morgan MD, Addiction MedicineFaig W. Morgos MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Elizabeth J. Morningstar MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyAmanda Morrison MD, Family Practice
Charbel G. Moussallem MD, Internal MedicineJoseph G. Mowrer MD, Internal Medicine
Kevin J. Mudd MD, Radiation OncologyJean M. Muller-Rohland MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Karla L. Mulligan MD, Family PracticeStephen W. Munson MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Marie Lynd Murphy MD, PediatricsJohn P. Murphy MD, Anesthesiology
Philip F. Murphy MD, Diagnostic RadiologyJacqueline Murtha , Medical Student
Jules Musinger MD, OtolaryngologySyed Izhar Mustafa MD, Psychiatry
M Raymond Naassana MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyNagendra Nadaraja MBBS, Surgery
Robert E. Nadeau MD, PsychiatryMahendra B. Nanavati MD, Psychiatry
Dinesh M. Nanavati MD, PsychiatryJay Nanavaty MD, Internal Medicine
Kiran Nandigam , Medical StudentR Joseph Naples MD, Radiology
Mary S. Napoleon MD, OphthalmologySenthil K. Natarajan MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Michael D. Nazar MD, Family PracticeLawrence F. Nazarian MD, Pediatrics
Ajai K. Nemani MD, Pain MedicineSarah B. Nemetz MD, Internal Medicine
Mary K. Ness MD, Family PracticeDavid A. Ness MD, Family Practice
David M. Newman MD, Family PracticeCheryl A. Newman MD, Family Practice
Roger R. Ng MD, Pain MedicineJoseph A Nicholas MD, Internal Medicine
Elias M. Nicolas MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryEric T. Nielsen MD, Internal Medicine
Ella B. Noble MD, Internal MedicineTimothy L. Nolan MD, Internal Medicine
John D. Norante MD, OtolaryngologyStanley F. Novak MD, Pediatrics
Kristina Novick MD, Radiation OncologyKenneth G. Nudo MD, Internal Medicine
Eileen M. Nugent DO, Family PracticePatrick M. Nunno MD, Internal Medicine
Theodore K. Oates II MD, SurgeryJeanne OBrien MD, Urology
Elizabeth OBrien MD, PediatricsTimothy P. OConnor MD, Plastic Surgery
Dennis W. OConnor MD, Family PracticeAmechi V Odife MD, Pediatrics
Marc L. Odorisi MD, Cardiovascular DiseaseEdward B. Ogden MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Steven J. Ognibene MD, Colon & Rectal SurgeryTimothy M OHerron MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Roger M. Olander MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyMichael T OLeary MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Gregory J. Oleyourryk MD, UrologyCharles I. Olin MD, Pediatrics
Robert H. Oliver MD, OtolaryngologyRobert L. Olsen MD, Ophthalmology
Joshua R Olsen MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryWilliam E. OMalley MD, Surgery
Mary Lou ONeill MD, Colon & Rectal SurgeryBeth Orlowski MD, Pediatrics
Bernard J. Oseroff MD, DermatologyGassem Oskoui MD, Anesthesiology
Roger M. Oskvig MD, Internal MedicineRobert J. Ostrander MD, Family Practice
John A. OSullivan MD, NeurologyJoseph V Otten MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
W Jeffrey Page MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRohith Palli , Medical Student
Andrew Pan , Medical StudentGeorge Pancio II MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Audwin J. Pangilinan MD, Vascular SurgeryGopiram M. Pansari MD, Internal Medicine
Louis J. Papa Jr MD, Internal MedicineArt Papier MD, Dermatology
Jane Pardee MD, PediatricsL Allen Pardee III MD, Neurology
Keely R Parisian MD, GastroenterologySylvia W. Park MD, Internal Medicine
Byung(Ben) H. Park MD, Allergy & ImmunologySteve B. Park MD, Ophthalmology
Peter H Parken MD, Internal MedicineGeorge W. Parker MD, Radiology
Henry M. Paszko MD, Family PracticeRachel Paulino MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lisa Paulis MD, Diagnostic RadiologyJohn C. Peachey MD, Dermatology
Paul K. Peartree MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryBradley K. Peck MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Stephen L. Pelton MD, DermatologyKaren S. Penird MD, Pediatrics
Uma M. Penmetsa MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyPrasad Varma S. Penmetsa MD, Gastroenterology
Thomas E. Penn MD, Vascular SurgeryRonald M. Penna MD, Family Practice
Ralph P. Pennino MD, Plastic SurgeryAlice P. Pentland MD, Dermatology
Mark C. Pereira MD, GastroenterologyIrene Perez , Medical Student
James E. Perle MD, Internal MedicineSandy K Perry MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Krishna V. Persaud MD, Internal MedicineDaniel S. Pettee MD, Neurology
Allen D. Pettee MD, NeurologyAnnie Philip MD, Pain Medicine
Nanette D. Phillis MD, Internal MedicineLindsey Picard MD, Emergency Medicine
Joseph A. Picca MD, Family PracticePasquale A. Picco MD, Internal Medicine
Michael E. Pichichero MD, PediatricsDiane W. Piela DO, Family Practice
Jennifer Pier MD, PediatricsRobert C. Pietropaoli MD, Internal Medicine
Webster H. Pilcher MD, Neurological SurgeryRalph A. Pincus MD, Internal Medicine
Johann M. Piquion MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyGeorge B. Plain MD, Internal Medicine
Walter M. Plassche Jr MD, Diagnostic RadiologyChristine C. Platt MD, Ophthalmology
K Rao Poduri MD, Physical Medicine & RehabilitationCorrie Poelman , Medical Student
Victor A. Poleshuck MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJohn A. Porter MD, Vascular Surgery
Mary Porter MD, PediatricsSteven J. Posnick MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Vito J. Potenza MD, AnesthesiologyDouglas H. Potter MD, Internal Medicine
Vishaal Prabhu , Medical StudentLyle J. Prairie MD, Anesthesiology
Saul L. Presberg MD, OphthalmologySusan E. Presberg-Greene MD, Ophthalmology
Stephen E. Presser MD, DermatologyColby Previte MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Michael R. Privitera MD, PsychiatrySusan Psaila MD, Dermatology
Georgette J. Pulli MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyA Thomas Pulvino MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Frank Pupparo MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryCarol L. Pyron MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Ying Qian MD, OphthalmologyEmmanuel A. Quaidoo MD, Allergy & Immunology
Vito C. Quatela MD, Plastic Surgery within the Head and NeckRodolfo Queiroz MD, Radiology
Muhammad S Tariq Qureshi MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRonald Rabinowitz MD, Pediatric Urology
Anthony Ragusa MD, Internal MedicineH. K. Ramanath , Surgery
M Tariq Randhawa MD, Internal MedicineRamani M. Rao MD, Radiology
Ram W. Rapoport MD/C, PsychiatryHani H. Rashid MD, Urology
Husayn A. Rashid MD, UrologyRola Rashid MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Matthew J. Rasmussen , Medical StudentStephen M. Rauh MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery
Vincent F. Reale MD, Plastic SurgeryCynthia R Reddeck-Lidestri MD, Internal Medicine
Ronald R. Reed MD, OphthalmologyAndrew B. Reese MD, Family Practice
Neeta Rekhi MD, Internal MedicineWilliam F. Remington MD, Emergency Medicine
Frederick B. Remington MD, PsychiatryEric Rennert MD, Psychiatry
Gail Rhodes MD, Deborah M. Rib MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Linda M. Rice MD, Internal MedicineSteven A. Rich MD, Internal Medicine
Christopher J. Richardson DO, SurgeryHubert F. Riegler MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Patrick N. Riggs MD, Vascular SurgeryMalcolm M. Riggs MD, Family Practice
John P. Risolo MD, SurgeryNathan Ritter MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Toufic A. Rizk MD, Vascular SurgeryJohn R. Robb MD, Internal Medicine
Stephen S. Robb MD, Family PracticeAllan M. Robbins MD, Ophthalmology
Stanko Rodic MD, PsychiatryPeter J. Ronchetti MD, Hand Surgery
Steven J. Rose MD, OphthalmologyWendy Rosen MD, Psychiatry
Paul N. Rosenberg MD, OphthalmologyHarold S. Ross MD, Ophthalmology
Scott L. Roth MD, Allergy & ImmunologyLucien M. Rouse Jr MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Shannon B. Routhouska MD, DermatologyJoseph A. Rube MD, Surgery
Paul T. Rubery Jr MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryG Theodore Ruckert MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
John S. Ruef MD, Internal MedicineNicholas C. Russo MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Gary M. Russotti MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryTimothy J. Ryan MD, Family Practice
Mark S. Ryan MD, Internal MedicineStuart B. Sacks MD, Anesthesiology
Raymond P. Salamone MD, SurgeryJoseph S. Salipante MD, Internal Medicine
Rabih M Salloum MD, SurgeryJames O. Sanders MD, Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
Julie C. Sandruck MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyStephan R. Sanko MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mark Sarnov MD, Family PracticeEdward Sassaman MD, Administration
Aaron Satloff MD, PsychiatryKristin S. Savage MD, Pediatrics
Sam A. Sbitany MD, Plastic SurgeryJohn Michael Scalzone MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Howard I. Schenker MD, OphthalmologyMatthew P Schiralli MD, Surgery
Phillip M. Schirck MD, Internal MedicineMichael S. Schneider MD, Internal Medicine
Edward J. Schnorr MD, Internal MedicineW Winslow Schrank MD, Radiology
Keith Schroeder MD, RadiologyJames Q. Schubmehl MD, Psychiatry
Donna J. Schue MD, Family PracticeJames Schuppert MD, Internal Medicine
Robert H. Schwartz MD, Allergy & ImmunologySeymour I. Schwartz MD, Surgery
Joseph J. Scibetta MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyDoria A Scortichini MD, Cardiovascular Disease
James A. Seab Jr MD, DermatologySteven Scott Searl MD, Ophthalmology
Richard J. Seeger MD, OphthalmologyArthur J. Segal MD, Radiology
Anca Seger MD, PsychiatryPosy J. Seifert DO, Diagnostic Radiology
Rahul Sengupta MD, PediatricsAnnette E. Sessions MD, Urology
David E Seubert MD, Maternal-Fetal MedicinePaul A. Shapiro MD, Urology
Anil K. Sharma MD, GastroenterologyShashi Sharma MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ravendra N. Sharma MBBS, GastroenterologyPiush Sharma MD, Pediatrics
Nancy G Shedd MD, Internal MedicineMarit B. Sheffield MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Philip C. Sheils MD, OphthalmologyCatherine R Sheils , Medical Student
Mark A. Shelly MD, Infectious DiseasesMehdi Shemirani MD, Surgery
J William Shields MD, OtolaryngologyLaura J. Shipley MD, Pediatrics
Tammi L. Shlotzhauer MD, RheumatologyAmol V. Shrikhande MD, Nephrology
Anitha Shrikhande MD, Allergy & ImmunologyBrett C. Shulman MD, Dermatology
David B. Shuttleworth MD, PediatricsEarlene C. Siebold MD, Ophthalmology
Stephanie E. Siegrist MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryHoward J. Silberstein MD, Neurological Surgery
Stephen Silver MD, NephrologyJoseph D. Silverberg MD, Ophthalmology
W Bradley Simmons MD, OtolaryngologyGregory M. Singer MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Bhupesh Singh MD, Internal MedicineGeorge Alexis Sirotenko DO, Internal Medicine
John C. Skillings MD, SurgeryLisa A. Smith MD, Pediatrics
Christopher A Smith MD, Allergy & ImmunologyNeal T. Smith MD, Family Practice
Warren D. Smith MD, SurgeryDavid I. Smith MD, Pediatrics
Clifford A. Smith MD, AnesthesiologyAndrew W. Smith MD, Plastic Surgery
David F. Smith MD, OphthalmologySidney H. Sobel MD, Radiation Oncology
Saul K. Sokolow MD, PediatricsPatrick D Solan MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery
Adel B. Soliman MD, Cardiovascular DiseaseAlexander J. Solky MD, Oncology
Patricia A. Somerville MD, Diagnostic RadiologySandy Sorrentino Jr MD, Internal Medicine
David W. Soule MD, PediatricsAnthony J. Sousou MD, Internal Medicine
David B. Spector MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryEric M. Spitzer MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Joseph A. Stankaitis MD, AdministrativeMichael C Stanton MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
David J. States MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryKenneth T. Steadman MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brian K. Steele DO, Family PracticeRaymond J. Stefanich MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Todd Stein MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryJulia Stein MD, Pediatrics
William M. Stephan MD, Internal MedicineThomas F. Stephenson MD, Radiology
Lawrence B. Sternberg MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyGwen K. Sterns MD, Ophthalmology
Richard H. Sterns MD, NephrologyChristine Stewart MD, Internal Medicine
Richard Stolarczyk MD, Internal MedicineGerald E. Stone MD, Internal Medicine
Robert A. Stookey MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyE Lynn Storie MD, Neurology
James M. Stormont MD, Internal MedicineDavid P. Stornelli MD, Internal Medicine
Leo F. Stornelli MD, Family PracticeRichard R. Stout MD, Ophthalmology
Helen Strapko MD, DermatologyAndrej Strapko MD, Gastroenterology
Alexander L. Strasser MD, Internal MedicineWayne S. Strouse MD, Family Practice
Anthony L. Suchman MD, Internal MedicinePamela C. Sullivan MD, Emergency Medicine
David Sullo MD, PediatricsAnthony J. Suozzi MD, Internal Medicine
Coral L. Surgeon MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJerry J. Svoboda MD, Surgery
Carlos M. Swanger MD, Internal MedicineBernard P. Sweeney MD, Family Practice
Dawn M. Sweeney MD, AnesthesiologyThomas R. Sweeney MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Donald G. Symer MD, Internal MedicineJames E. Szalados MD, Anesthesiology
Hechmat Tabechian MD, Internal MedicineDarren Tabechian MD, Rheumatology
Naseer A. Tahir MD, AnesthesiologyCatherine C. Tan MD, Internal Medicine
Matthew Tanner , Medical StudentEdward C. Tanner MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Benedetto Tarantino MD, Internal MedicineAlice Tariot MD, Psychiatry
Afreen Tariq-Fazili MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyPamela Tarkington MD, Internal Medicine
Robert C. Tatelbaum MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyMark B. Taubman MD, Internal Medicine
Cynthia E Teerlinck MD, Family PracticeWayne C. Templer MD, Internal Medicine
Brian Teng MD, Colon & Rectal SurgeryDerek J. tenHoopen MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Krishan D. Thanik MD, GastroenterologyJaimala Thanik MD, Anesthesiology
Earlando O. Thomas MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJoan L. Thomas MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Sajeena G Thomas MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRaymond M. Thomas MD, Gastroenterology
Robert C. Thomson MD, Internal MedicineMargene M. Tichane MD, Family Practice
Donald H. Tingley MD, OphthalmologyDavid M Tinkelman MD, Pediatrics
George M. Tirone MD, RadiologyCheryl L. Tisler MD, Psychiatry
Matthew M. Tomaino MD, Hand SurgeryMadonna R. Tomani MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kenneth V. Toner MD, SurgeryFrederick W. Tonetti MD, Urology
David A. Topa MD, PediatricsPaul Topf MD, Otolaryngology
Laurence E. Torpey MD, Family PracticeEugene P. Toy MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Vienna Tran , Medical StudentRobert J. Tripp MD, Surgery
Christopher I. Trojan MD, AnesthesiologyJohn H. Tu MD, Dermatology
Robert J. Tuite MD, PediatricsElaine M. Tunaitis MD, Occupational Medicine
Kadri O. Ulman MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyRichard Urban MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alvin L. Ureles MD, EndocrinologyCharles J. Vacanti MD, Anesthesiology
William M. Valenti MD, Internal MedicineScott B. Valet MD, Allergy & Immunology
Peter H. Van Brunt MD, Internal MedicineLois Van Tol MD, Family Practice
Theodore F. Van Zandt MD, RadiologyRobert E. Vanderlinde MD, Ophthalmology
Jomy Jo Varghese , Medical StudentMaurice E. Varon MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Joseph Vasile MD, PsychiatryG Edward Vates MD, Neurological Surgery
Stephen J. Vega MD, Plastic SurgeryVithal Vernenkar DO, Surgery
Leonid Vilensky MD, Pain MedicineMichael E. Villareale MD, Anesthesiology
Armando M. Villarreal MD, Pain MedicineRalph S. Viola MD, Ophthalmology
Tejinder S. Virdee MD, PediatricsBenedetto B. Vitullo MD, Pediatrics
Kimberly A. Vogelsang MD, PediatricsRamnik R. Vora MD, Pediatrics
Meredith L. Waheed MD, Internal MedicineJan M. Walker MD, Pediatrics
Allan R. Walker MD, SurgeryWayne A. Wallace MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Jared P Walsh MD, Robert J. Walsh MD, Ophthalmology
Thomas J Walters MD, Family PracticeElizabeth D. Warner MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Gareth J.W. Warren MD, UrologyBrian P. Watkins MD, Surgery
Mervyn U. Weerasinghe MBBS, Internal MedicineSidney S. Weinstein MD, Internal Medicine
Everett S. Weiss MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryJoshua E Weitz MD, Allergy & Immunology
Ethan L. Welch MD, Vascular SurgeryAndrew M. Wensel MD, Neurological Surgery
Norman W. Wetterau MD, Family PracticeTae B. Whang MD, Anesthesiology
Mervyn R. Whelan MD, Emergency MedicineKatherine M Whipple MD, Ophthalmology
M Gordon Whitbeck Jr MD, Orthopaedic SurgeryPaul S. Whitehead MD, Surgery
Daniel Whitley , Medical StudentBridgette A. Wiefling MD, Internal Medicine
Eric Wilcox DO, Family PracticeJanet M. Williams MD, Emergency Medicine
Justin Williams , Medical StudentDiana R. Williams MD, Pediatrics
Kyle E. Williams MD, OphthalmologyDaniel J. Williford MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Jonathan P Wilmot MD, GastroenterologyCorrene C. Wirt MD, Pediatrics
Mary Claire H. Wise MD, Family PracticeRichard Wissler MD, Anesthesiology
Matthew T Witmer MD, OphthalmologyThomas W. Witmer MD, Internal Medicine
Robert Witriol MD, AnesthesiologyAnthony J. Witte MD, Family Practice
Ingrid Wohlgemuth MD, Internal MedicineJoseph M. Wojciechowski MD, Dermatology
Rachael Wojtovich MD, PediatricsMentesinot Woldeyohannes MD, Pulmonary Diseases
John A. Wolfe MD, Internal MedicineHelen Wong MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Brian C. Wood MD, Physical Medicine & RehabilitationMorris Wortman MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Guan Wu MD, UrologyStephen J. Xenias MD, Dermatology
Wu-Hsiung Yang MD, Obstetrics & GynecologyJay A. Yates MD, Otolaryngology
Vincent M Yavorek MD, Family PracticeJoel A. Yellin MD, Surgery
Lyla Yerneni MBBS, Radiation OncologyBruce A. Yirinec MD, Oncology
Julie E Yoon MD, Internal MedicineJocelyn Young DO, Family Practice
Robert B. Young MD, PsychiatryWende W. Young MD, Radiology
Kang Yu MD, PsychiatryO Gregory Zazulak MD, Ophthalmology
Seth Zeidman MD, Neurological SurgeryEdward B. Zinkin MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Leon N. Zoghlin MD, Family PracticeBenson L. Zoghlin MD, Family Practice
Balazs Zsenits MD, Hospice & Palliative CareLewis C. Zulick MD, Surgery
Jules A. Zysman MD, Family PracticeAlicia Zysman-Cromwell MD, Family Practice