Cancer Services Program of Monroe County

URMC - Center for Community Health
Cancer Services Program of Monroe County
46 Prince Street
Rochester, NY 14607

The Cancer Services Program strives to increase public and provider awareness about the importance of guideline-concordant cancer screening; assist underserved populations to access and navigate available cancer screening, diagnostic and treatment services through partnerships with health care providers, health departments and community organizations; and integrate guidance-driven, quality preventive cancer screening into the care received by women and men.

The CSP covers breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening for uninsured and underinsured women and men. "Underinsured" describes a situation where the person's insurance does not cover screenings (for example, if insurance only covers in-hospital care) or has a high deductible that prevents the person from seeking screening.

CSP does not pay for...

  • CSP cannot pay for blood work, STD tests, urine tests, pregnancy tests, pelvic ultrasounds, bone density tests or any other tests that may be deemed medically necessary but are not breast, cervical or colorectal cancer screening related.
  • CSP cannot pay for an annual Pap test for a client who has had a total hysterectomy and who cervix was removed.

Cancer Services Program Fact Sheet

The New York State Department of Health Cancer Services Program Resource Guide contains resources that can be used to promote awareness about the importance of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening and improve the quality of cancer screening-related care received by New Yorkers. All of the patient education materials, CME-granting continuing education opportunities and additional cancer-related resources listed in this guide can be provided at no charge. Download