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Depression Screening Tool - Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)

Communication for Leaders  -  Connecting through Dialogue and Nonverbal Communication, by Jennifer Green-Wilson, PT, MBA, EdD.

The Concussion Act of NYS took effect July 1, 2012, and requires schools to:
1. Educate parents, athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, physical education teachers, and school nurses on concussion,
2. Remove observed or suspected concussed students from play based on signs and symptoms,
3. Withhold further participation until evaluated by, and received written and signed authorization to return to activities from a licensed physician.
4. Obtain physician clearance, and when the athlete has been symptom-free off pain killing medicines for a minimum of 24 hours and allow them to begin a monitored progressive six phase return to play.
Read NYS Concussion Guidelines (June 2013):

Reducing Healthcare-associated Infections:CDC has reissued guidelines on infection control for Outpatient Settings and included a new checklist for facilities. Read more.

Improving Health Literacy for Older Adults

Physicians Called to Active Duty

State Education Department-Affidavit of Non-Compensation

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Cover Your Cough Poster for Health Care facilities (English)
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NCADD Prescription Drug Fact Sheet Poster - English

NCADD Prescription drugs Fact Sheet - Spanish

AMA Reporting Poster

Ad Council MHA Depression Posters:

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